Formation of fast-spreading ocean crust; petrological and geochemical investigation of the "Wadi Gideah" cross section in the Oman Ophiolite

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Author(s): Müller, T.; Koepke, J.; Garbe-Schönberg, Dieter; Strauss, H.
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Leibniz Universität Hannover, Institut für Mineralogie, Hanover, Germany
Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel, Germany
Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität zu Münster, Germany
Volume Title: IODP/ICDP Kolloquium 2014
Source: varies [IODP/ICDP Kolloquium, Vol.2014, p.97-99; IODP/ICDP Kolloquium 2014, Erlangen, Germany, March 17-19, 2014. Publisher: IODP-Germany and ICDP-Germany,], Germany
Note: In English. 10 refs.; illus.
Year of Publication: 2014
Research Program: ODP Ocean Drilling Program
Key Words: 05 Petrology, Igneous and Metamorphic; 18 Geophysics, Solid-Earth; Arabian Peninsula; Asia; Chain silicates; Clinopyroxene; Cretaceous; Crust; Dikes; East Pacific; Equatorial Pacific; Fault zones; Faults; Feldspar group; Forsterite; Framework silicates; Gabbros; Geochemistry; Hydrothermal alteration; Igneous rocks; International Continental Scientific Drilling Program; Intrusions; Mesozoic; Metasomatism; Mohorovicic discontinuity; Nesosilicates; North Pacific; Northeast Pacific; ODP Site 1256; Ocean Drilling Program; Oceanic crust; Olivine; Olivine group; Oman; Ophiolite complexes; Orthosilicates; Pacific Ocean; Plagioclase; Plutonic rocks; Pyroxene group; Sea-floor spreading; Semail Ophiolite; Sheeted dikes; Silicates; Wadi Gideah
Coordinates: N064400 N064400 W0915600 W0915600
N225000 N231000 E0585000 E0584000
Record ID: 2014085049
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