2013 ocean drilling citation report; covering citations related to the Deep Sea Drilling Project, Ocean Drilling Program, and Integrated Ocean Drilling Program from GeoRef citations indexed by the American Geological Institute from 1969 through 2012

Source: 12p. Publisher: Integrated Ocean Drilling Program, Ciollege Station, TX, United States
Note: In English
Year of Publication: 2013
Research Program: DSDP Deep Sea Drilling Project
IODP Integrated Ocean Drilling Program
ODP Ocean Drilling Program
Key Words: 07 Marine Geology and Oceanography; AGI; Associations; Data bases; Data processing; Deep Sea Drilling Project; GeoRef; Integrated Ocean Drilling Program; Ocean Drilling Program; Publications
Record ID: 2013083984
Copyright Information: GeoRef, Copyright 2019 American Geosciences Institute.

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