ODP Leg 206; upper oceanic crust formed at a superfast spreading rate

Author(s): Teagle, Damon A. H.; Wilson, Douglas S.; Acton, Gary D.; Alt, Jeffrey C.; Banerjee, Neil; Barr, Samantha; Coggon, Rosalind; Cooper, Kari; Crispini, Laura; Einaudi, Florence; Jiang, Shijun; Kalberkamp, Ulrich; Kerneklian, Marcie; Laverne, Christine; Nichols, Holly; Sandwell, Rachel; Tartarotti, Paola; Umino, Susumu; Ziegler, Christa
Ocean Drilling Program, Leg 206, Shipboard Scientific Party
Author Affiliation(s): Primary:
University of Southampton, School of Ocean and Earth Science, Southampton, United Kingdom
University of California at Santa Barbara, United States
Volume Title: JOIDES Journal
Source: JOIDES Journal, 29(2), p.13-17. Publisher: Joint Oceanographic Institutions for Deep Earth Sampling, Palisades, NY, United States. ISSN: 0734-5615
Note: In English. 8 refs.; illus., incl. strat. cols., sketch map
Year of Publication: 2003
Research Program: ODP Ocean Drilling Program
Key Words: 07 Marine Geology and Oceanography; Basalts; Cenozoic; Cocos Plate; Crust; Downhole methods; East Pacific; Geochemistry; Igneous rocks; Leg 206; Lithosphere; Lithostratigraphy; Marine geology; Miocene; Neogene; North Pacific; Northeast Pacific; ODP Site 1256; Ocean Drilling Program; Oceanic crust; Oceanic lithosphere; Overburden; Pacific Ocean; Plate tectonics; Rates; Sea-floor spreading; Tertiary; Upper crust; Volcanic rocks
Coordinates: N064400 N064400 W0915600 W0915600
Record ID: 2006017974
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