Biostratigraphy of the Gulf of Mexico

Author(s): Dunlap, John, Jr.
Author Affiliation(s): Primary:
Paleo-Data, New Orleans, LA, United States
Freeport-McMoRan, United States
Shell Dev. Co., United States
Volume Title: Offshore Louisiana oil & gas fields
Volume Author(s): Studlick, J. R. J., editor; Bryant, J. G.; Hartman, James A.; Shew, R. D.
Source: Offshore Louisiana oil & gas fields, edited by J. R. J. Studlick, J. G. Bryant, James A. Hartman and R. D. Shew, Vol.2, p.81-83. Publisher: New Orleans Geol. Soc., New Orleans, LA, United States
Note: In English. 11 refs.; illus. incl. 1 chart
Year of Publication: 1988
Research Program: DSDP Deep Sea Drilling Project
Key Words: 12 Stratigraphy, Historical Geology and Paleoecology; Algae; Applications; Assemblages; Atlantic Ocean; Benthic taxa; Bigenerina humblei; Biostratigraphy; Cenozoic; Correlation; Deep Sea Drilling Project; Depositional environment; Environment; Foraminifera; Geophysical profiles; Globorotalia fohsi fohsi; Gulf Coastal Plain; Gulf of Mexico; Invertebrata; Lithofacies; Microfossils; Miospores; Nannofossils; North Atlantic; Palynomorphs; Planktonic taxa; Plantae; Protista; Salinity; Sea-level changes; Seismic profiles; Stratigraphy; Temperature; Thallophytes; Transgression; Turbidite; Turbidity; Well-logging
Record ID: 1988061427
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