The Deep Sea Drilling Project

Author(s): Gealy, Elizabeth L.; Davies, T. A.
Volume Title: Geotimes
Source: Geotimes, 14(2), p.10-12. Publisher: American Geological Institute, Alexandria, VA, United States. ISSN: 0016-8556 CODEN: GEOTAJ
Note: In English; illus., table
Summary: The goal of the deep-sea sediment coring project is to help determine age and development of ocean basins by drilling deep holes in the floor. Cores are collected and in-hole measurements of physical properties are made. Planned cruises are: Orange, Tex. to New York; New York to Dakar, Senegal; Dakar to Rio de Janeiro; Rio de Janeiro to Panama; Panama to Hawaii; Hawaii to Guam, southern route; Guam to Hawaii, northern route; Hawaii to Tahiti; and Tahiti across the East Pacific Rise. Seismic and magnetometer surveys will be carried out also. Leg 1 has been completed and a table of data on the holes drilled is included. Methods of core study are given. Caprock overlain by Miocene sediments was recovered on a Sigsbee Knoll, and Cretaceous sediments were recovered east of San Salvador.
Year of Publication: 1969
Research Program: DSDP Deep Sea Drilling Project
Key Words: 07 Marine Geology and Oceanography; Atlantic Ocean; Cenozoic; Cores; Deep Sea Drilling Project; Deep-sea environment; Gulf of Mexico; Leg 1; Marine environment; Miocene; Neogene; North Atlantic; Physical properties; Sediments; Tertiary
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